Johnny Enlow is an American-South African minister. He is an Evangelist who encourages others to change over into Christianity. Johnny has composed around 6 books to date. In like manner, his better half is additionally a minister. The couple lives in Los Angeles alongside their four girls. Johnny Enlow is an Evangelist and Pastor. He is the writer of well known books like “Turning into a Super Hero: A Pocket Guide to a Life Like David” and “The Seven Mountain Mantle”.

Enlow is hitched to his significant other, Elizabeth Enlow. In like manner, Elizabeth is additionally a teacher minister. Moreover, the couple has been hitched for over 26 years now.

Johnny’s other relatives incorporate his four girls: Promise, Justice, Grace, and Glory. Additionally, he as of late received a kid named Enric Sifa and his significant other.

The minister is a local of Peru, South America. He was raised by Christian guardians who were likewise evangelists. Moreover, he at present lives in California.

Being an eminent creator causes Enlow to gather a decent measure of Net Worth. Be that as it may, he burns through a large portion of his fortune in foundation instead of sumptuous things. Johnny’s stature is talked about to be 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Similarly, his solid way of life has brought about a conditioned body. Also, his hair has gotten dim because of maturing.

Enlow has given some Prophecy to 2020 too. To discover about it, you can peruse his book new book “The End of the World as far as We Might be concerned”.

Johnny thas ventured out to numerous nations around the globe.

  • The seven mountain mantle

    In this follow-up to his first release, The Seven Mountain Prophecy, Enlow explains how God revealed His plan to raise up “Josephs”–sons and daughters who would bear His favor, dream His dreams, and reclaim the seven mountains, or sectors, of society for His glory. Instead of the global meltdown seen in today’s society, the Lord promises to send His grace on our nation, other nations, and the church. Enlow proceeds to explains to readers what they will have to do to become one of these “Josephs” and how they can discern the role God desires them to play in His vision for the days to come.

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