• I Fire You part one (Psalmist Prayer Book)

    It is high time you change your prayer pattern and strategy. There are techniques you adopt in spiritual battle and warfare. Enemies are battle ready as well to outwit you. But God deposited wisdom and warfare techniques in us to face and defeat agents of darkness.Principalities and powers won’t succumb until you bombard them with prayers. This is what this book entails. It will promote you from being a prayer warrior to prayer warlord. It will give you boldness to naked enemies of your soul, and empower you with bumper harvestThis book is unique, as every prayer point ends with, “I fire you” As you use this book, every manner of setback, disappointments, poverty, rejection, shame and poverty shall sink and die, while laughter, favour, joy, peace of mind, shall take over your soul and body.

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  • I Fire You part two

    This is not time to shift responsibility for failure. The dice is cast to know position of things. Right step must be taken this time around. You need prayer. Prayer is work itself. When you rise for prayer, let it be spiritual battle. Here, you will use spiritual weapons to silence your enemy. As a brave solider in Christ, put your chest out in prayer. Conquer the situation, conquer your enemy, and be brave enough to count your spoils.This is what this book stands for. I fire you prayer, prepares you for battle and win. It makes you a superhero and warlord. No matter how hot the situation is, this book will bring laughter to your face. The problems you hitherto think are stony will eventually be a thing of the past.No situation is bigger than God. The only way we communicate with God is prayer. I fire you prayer shall place you in perfect order if you want to apply violent prayer to solve problems once and for all. This book is loaded with Holy Spirit vomited prayer. You need it. Pick a copy.

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  • Sex Terrorists and Immoralities

    Sex terrorist and immoralities.There is sex violence everywhere and every time. Sex terrorists fly their flags unabated with mad satanic rush for sexual scandals. They apply high power luring techniques and satanic networks to catch victims who fell into it and live to regret their actions. Sex terrorists are immoral mathematicians, crafty and powerful with persuasive word to seduce the lead ladies astray.Women and girls are hardly hit by this plague. They are targets any time sex violence is carried out as they are either beaten, tortured or raped by faceless men.The fact is, men are not only to blamed, as most sex violence are traced to women and girls, whose behavior, actions, ways of dress, time of walk, sex they mix with etc need to be clinically examined.There is rise in sexual abuse indices. Parent, guardians, women and girls are worried over these mad dogs and sex cabals. Something must be done, right steps must be taken. By who?This book gives through education and guide on how women, girls and everyone at large can be armed with weapons of freedom of escape from the hook of sex terrorists. It is high time for liberation from sex abuse.
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