30 Quenchers of Marital Love

Par (auteur.s)Matthew ASHIMOLOWO

Solomon talks of love as being a path of experience. It is as strong as death in his words. It is as unyielding as the grave and burning like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame. He concludes that true love, real love cannot be quenched by many waters, neither can rivers wash away its effect.

We, however, all know one or two people whose relationships in life in the area of romance and marriage have not worked out. So truly, many waters may not be able to quench love, rivers may not be able to wash it away but there are certain things that have made themselves quenchers of marital love: money problems, jealousy, sexual problems and many more.

The whole purpose of this book is to highlight these challenges and to look at biblical answers to the daily problems which married couples or singles intending to marry face. I have attempted at all levels to make the answers biblical as well as contemporary. However, the mind of the Lord in the word of God takes supremacy in the subject of marital love because God thought about marriage first. He initiated it and if it must work we must go back to the original thought and idea of God.


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Table of contents


  1. Money Problems
  2. Idealism
  3. Possessiveness
  4. Self-Centredness
  5. Adultery
  6. Jealousy
  7. Low Self-Esteem
  8. Unforgiveness
  9. Aggression
  10. Lack of Security
  11. Bad Communication
  12. Laziness
  13. Children
  14. Dishonesty
  15. Sexual Problems
  16. Not Esteeming Your Partner
  17. Exhaustion
  18. Criticism
  19. Poor Personal Hygiene
  20. In-Laws
  21. Intellectual Stimulation
  22. Midlife Crisis
  23. Third Parties
  24. Distance/Seperation
  25. Digging up the past
  26. Keeping up with the Joneses
  27. Violence
  28. The Lack of Goals and Focus
  29. Romantic Burnout
  30. Not Praying Together


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