Breaking the Grip of Fear

Par (auteur.s)Matthew Ashimolowo

What is significance? Significance is to be extra-ordinary, which is synonymous with Amazing, Marvellous, Peculiar, Prodigious, Remarkable, Singular, Strange, Striking, Uncommon, Unprecedented, Unusual, Wonderful, Rare and Odd.The journey to significance is therefore making a mark on earth to the glory of god, becoming a success to the glory of god, and making others a success.It is what people will remember when your name pops up, while you are alive and after you’ve gone. It goes beyond succeeding – it has to do with impact.When we say, ‘David’, we remember the Psalms and the City of David. When we say, ‘Solomon’, we remember his books and the temple. When we mention ‘Paul’, we remember the epistles and the spread of Christianity. What will you be remembered for?

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Table of contents


  • Different kinds of fears
  • How fear comes
  • The poisonous power of fear
  • Freedom from fear
  • Breaking the backbone of fear


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