Dealing with the Powers of the Night


Dealing with the powers of the night July 2012 Many plots of the night by the enemy have put many people into confusion. Many destinies are upside down as a result of terrible blows recieved during night attacks. This is so because the mystery and principles of the night are yet to be understood by many. A lot of problems, which many people are grappling with were perpetuated during the night hours. Unfortunately, many have gone to early graves and many destinies are being sunk everyday by these powers. The author of this book starts by telling us the origin of the night. He goes further to reveal the powers of the night, their activities and weapons of operation. Also, he gives a detailed survival strategy on how to be delivered from these powers and ways of staying immune to their attacks. This book will help you to live a trouble-free life anywhere you find yourself.

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    Tous les pays de Europe, Amérique,
    Afrique, Asie, Océanie.

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