How to trouble your trouble

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How to Solve Your Problem – Just because trouble comes your way doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down. Although we can’t escape trouble in this life, Jesus has given us the power and authority to drive trouble away!
In this no-nonsense book, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar Jr. reveals why so many Christians are overwhelmed by the troubles of this world. This powerful study of God’s Word explains how to counter the devil’s onslaught so that we can come through victoriously to the other side. You will discover how to be firmly grounded in the turmoil. You will learn what you can do as a believer in the midst of difficulties to find new confidence in God’s Word.
These powerful truths are not a quick fix to get out of trouble. They are solid scriptural principles that God has provided for you to walk in victory. If you are willing to take a stand in your life, put God’s Word first, and trust His promises completely, you can start giving trouble to your problems today!

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Preface: Supernatural or Showboat

Section 1; Troubling Your Trouble

Introduction: Although Trouble Comes, It Doesn’t Have To Overcome

1. Club Soteria

2. Stay in the Water

3. Troubling Your Trouble With the Force of Peace

Part 1: Peace From the Word

4. Troubling Your Trouble With the Force of Peace

Part 2: Functions of Peace

5. How To Trouble Your Trouble With the Force of Joy

6. Troubling Your Trouble With the Force of Love

Part 1: The Priorities of Love

7. Troubling Your Trouble With the Force of Love

Part 2: Loving God and Loving Others

Section II: Walking in the Confidence of God in Troubled Times

Introduction: Living in the Overflow

8. God Is in Control …

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