Keys to divine Health

Par (auteur.s)David O. Oyedepo

Divine health is not just a promise to the redeemed, but also a conve,a,t sealed by the Christ’s precious blood. It is irrefutable, eternally guaranted an ever reliable provision of the father to his beloved offspring.

Keys to total health are not resident in science; they are only found in God. Science is failing. It is facing its most serious test in finding solutions to diseas and epidemics. The devil is introducing new incurable diseases into the world day and night, and the efficacy of medical science is threatned seriously.

Access to the covenant of divine health is then man’s only hope. This book uncovers the depth of this divine package and outlays the steps to accessing its limitless provisions.

Get on key with the covenant and begin to enjoy your victory over sicknesses and diseases.


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Chapter 1: Jesus, Our Pattern
Chapter 2: Your Right To Health
Chapter 3: Stand Your Cround
Chapter 4: God’s Master Key To Divine Health
Chapter 5: God’s Medicine
Chapter 6: Apply The Word
Chapter 7: Follow The Steps Of The Fathers
Chapter 8: How To Maintain Your Divine Health

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