The keys of time

This book will give you a thorough grounding in the exciting subject of Bible Chronology, revealing the KEYS by which you can unlock the treasure-chest of God’s Word concerning its revelation of TIME. You will come see the Glory of God as the Sovereign Lord of Time, Who is working out His Purposes of Grace in His perfect time, according His Redemption Timetable. Through this book, God will impart to you a rich understanding of the times, giving you a fresh revelation of the special time in which we are now living near the End of the Age, and preparing you for the momentous events that are just ahead. About the Author: Derek Walker is a Bible Teacher and Senior Pastor of Oxford Bible Church, UK, which he pioneered together with his wife Hilary, in 1991 (see: He did his degree in Mathematics at Oxford University (MA) and has a special interest in Bible Prophecy and Chronology.

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Table des matières

  • Chapter 1: The Overall Time Structure: Keys 1 & 2
  • Chapter 2: The Value of Bible Chronology
  • Chapter 3: The Jubilee Principle (Key 3)
  • Chapter 4: Unreckoned Time (Key 4)
  • Chapter 5: From ADAM to ABRAHAM.
  • Chapter 5: From ADAM to ABRAHAM.
  • Chapter 6: From ABRAHAM to the EXODUS.
  • Chapter 7: From the EXODUS to the TEMPLE.
  • Chapter 8: From the TEMPLE to the DECREE.
  • Chapter 9: From the DECREE to the CROSS.
  • Chapter 10: Putting it all together to date the main Biblical events to the nearest year.
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