The mission of submission

What an encouraging book! This is the wonderful, inspiring story of a marriage literally rebuilt by the Lord. I was hooked » from the opening paragraph of the Introduction! Using a careful rendering of Scripture, Rene presents a compelling, in-depth explanation why men and women have conflict and heartache in marriage. With heartrending honesty, both Rene and Jacqueline tell their sides of the story–the struggles and loneliness and despair. From an existence without much cheer, and lots of strife, this couple found God’s plan for harmony and joy, and share the plan so others can also experience the full blessing that only God can give. » Marabel Morgan, Author of the million-plus bestseller ‘The Total Woman’

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  • Part 1 : Before the problem . How did God create man and women ?
  • Part 2 : What was initial problem and how did it affect the relationship ?
  • Part 3 : What is the solution and how did apply it ?
  • Part 4 : What are the pratical implications in every day’s live, marriage and church ?
  • Part 5 : Jacqueline’s testimony ( and René’s reaction )

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