Thirty Reasons For Company Ownership

Par (auteur.s)Matthew ASHIMOLOWO

The Bible abounds with evidence that God wants to prosper believers and give them the opportunity to own businesses that will enable them to make a difference in the world, reach the unsaved and make great impact.

The challenge is that many times, believers do not develop the platforms for the creation of prosperity or the platforms that can handle great capacity.

This book present 30 reasons for company ownership, it highlights how to make your business work and reveals the supernatural results of company formation.

Use this invaluable resource to breakout of the limitations of being salary dependent, to owning a storehouse that can be a blessing to others.

The legal, financial and business opinions expressed in this book are that of the author.
It may not be quoted as a legal, financial or business authority. The author has not set himself up as an authority on any of the subjects referred to.


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Table of Contents


  • 30 Reasons for company ownership
  • How to make your business work
  • The supernatural results of company foundation
  • Questions on business start-ups


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