Top ten ways to be a great leader

Dr. Hans Finzel knows from personal experience the key success factors in every effective leader’s journey. This is the sequel to his popular book, « The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make ». That book is about what to avoid.  This is about what to master.
In this book, he outlines the positive traits and skills every new leader should master.
He shows readers:

  • The two most important words in a leader’s vocabulary
  • The skills a leader needs to communicate effectively
  • Why today’s effective leaders lead with vulnerability
  • The contrast between servant leadership and slave leadership
  • How to lead with both passion and humility
  • The difference between making a mark and leaving a legacy

In this eminently practical book, new leaders in business, education, ministry, and the church will discover how to lead well and love what they do

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Foreword by Kathrine Lee


  1. « L » is for Listen and learn
  2. « E » is for Emotional intelligence
  3. « A » is for Accessibility
  4. « D » is for Determination
  5. « E » is for Effective Communication
  6. « R » is for Resilience
  7. « S » is for Servant Attitude
  8. « H » is for Hands-off Delegation
  9. « I » is for Integrity
  10. « P » is for the power of Humility


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