When the Spider is wearing a Mask ( Bilingue: Français & Anglais)


Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted. « The meaning is that if there is anything planted anywhere that has not been planted by our Father in heaven, it must be uprooted. God doesn’t plant poverty, or frustration, or depression or disappointment. Doctors may have all kinds of names for different diseases, but the Bible has a name for them. It calls them When the spider wears a mask « Any plant that my heavenly Father has not planted. So no matter who planted it, it will be uprooted.

In the past, there was a very popular saying that is very appropriate today. It says, « Kill the spider and there will be no spider web. » Many people give up the spider of problems and fight the spider webs and then there is confusion. Confusion happens when the spider is in front or wearing a mask. When someone wears a mask, he wants to hide his identity. The fact that he wants to hide his identity shows that he is a person you know. It is very frustrating when the enemy uses another person’s face to attack you. But the Bible says, « Do not be deceived, for the angels of darkness sometimes take on the appearance of angels of light.

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