Woman! Thou art loosed


It is a long-standing battle between woman and the devil. This battle has been fought by women of every race, of every color. And from every position the devil has never hidden the fact that he hates the woman with perfect hatred.

He has continued to harass, molest and torment and destroy them. Many women suffered in silence, some of them concluded that they were subjected to a life of misery, misfortune and satanic attacks. Only a small minority have discovered the secrets of victory.

This manual is a deliverance manual for women. It is complete and practical. Every Christian home should have a copy of this book.

At last we have a book that could help women walk over all the powers of darkness militating against them.

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  1. The Devil against the woman
  2. The anger of the dragon towards the woman
  3. The Marriage That Must Die
  4. Delivering from evil spiritual marriage
  5. Delivering your family from evil merchants
  6. The basis of marital distress
  7. The forces against singles.
  8. Prayers of combat.
  • Defeating the forces against marriage breakers
  • The war against the marriage breakers
  • Prayers to stop the unprofitable delay in management.
  • I receive it
  • Power against sexual perversion
  • Pronounce destruction to evil growth
  • Prayers to know God’s will in Marriage.
  • Confession and prayers for supernatural conception
  • Freedom from immoderate affections and soul ties.
  • Dissolve growth.
  • Power against desert spirits.
  • Power against evil marital lovers
  • Power against miscarriage
  • Prayers to dismantle marital Jericho
  • Revoke the marital decree
  • Power against spiritual marriage
  • Deliverance from Evil Models
  • Procreation
  • For singles preparing for management
  • Breaking curses and anti-marriage alliances
  • Prayers for committed partners planning marriage
  • War against anti-marriage forces
  • Prayers to free your partner
  • Save your home
  • Prayers for couples expecting a child promised by God
  • Deliverance from the Spirit of Marriage Destruction
  • War against conflicts and hostilities in homes
  • Deliverance from the grip of the destroyers of homes
  • Dissolving deadlocks in settling arguments
  • Prayers to resurrect dead marriages
  • Freeing children from bondage
  • Deliverance of children.
  • Prayers for the protection and deliverance of children
  • Passages to use for weight control
  • Steps for personal deliverance
  • Prayers to cleanse the house
  • With healing under his wings
  • Prayers for divine healing
  • Take Back Life
  • Prayers to heal abdominal disease
  • Prayers to destroy bedwetting
  • Prayers to heal fever
  • Prayers for those in hospitals for medical care
  • Prayers before a surgical operation
  • Prayers for dream criminals to die
  • Prayers to defeat witchcraft
  • Prayers, confession for victory during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Prayers to break covenants, yokes and curses
  • Prayers for parents desiring godly spouses for their children
  • Power over anger
  • Prayers for those who desire a good sleep.
  • Power over the abuse of women
  • Prayers for widows
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