See Hear Say

Par (auteur.s)Matthew ASHIMOLOWO

The spirit realm is as real as the natural realm that we are used to, and it is available to all believers in Christ, not only men of the cloth.

The Church of the last days will be a great army consisting of an unstoppable, undaunted people whose focus is more on spirituality and less on rituals. They are a people who walk in the gifts of the Spirit.

God always desires to speak to us. He wants us to hear His heart. To make this happen He wants believers to develop a prophetic lifestyle.

This book will introduce you to the prophetic realm, explain the distinguishing factors of prophetic people, obeying divine signals, speaking the prophetic word, the ground rules for prophetic effectiveness and more.


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    Tous les pays de Europe, Amérique,
    Afrique, Asie, Océanie.

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    Cartes Bancaires, Virement bancaire,
    Mobile Money(13 Pays en Afrique)

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Chapter 1: The rise of a prophetic people

Chapter 2: The respectable office of a prophet

Chapter 3: Carrying the seer’s mantle

Chapter 4: Obeying divine signals

Chapter 5: Speak the prophetic word

Chapter 6: Ground rules for prophetic effectiveness


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